Ouma - Cell Artist -



63cm×310cm(24.8×122inch), 100 Apples (contribution of Japanese people) 2019
Showed in Artist in Residency TEMI, 2019


These Apples has been shown at Summer in 2019. The relationship between South Korea and Japan was the worst ever at that time.
Ouma asked Japanese people to buy Apples so these Apples are bought by Japanese people as a gift to Korean people. An Apple shows there’s various aspects. Apple is the fruit which is very hard to grow up so usually we use a lot of pesticide. There’s an Apple called miracle Apple in Japan. A Japanese guy made it without using pesticide. It’s very tough time to find the way of making Apples without pesticide. The taste is incredible. Apples show the relationship between South Korea and Japan. (* Apple and Apology is same pronounciation in Korean but in Japan, just a fruit.)

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