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Cell Artist Ouma / 細胞アーティスト・Ouma

 Born in Japan, a contemporary artist and a former veterinarian. Ouma started to send animal drawings after her patient’s dying as a veterinarian. It became more than 100 pictures. She’s been doing art to complete “healing of heart” which is essence of work as veterinarian since then. Japanese art critic, Mr. Masaomi UNAGAMI who is the owner of the gallery, UNAC TOKYO, is interested in her work. Ouma had the first solo show which covered inside of the gallery with drawings at UNAC TOKYO in 2013. The show seems like to travel inside of the body and gave us special experience. She's been seeking new definition of life not through art work which work with viewers to make experience and creation. Her art doesn't define the boundary between artist and viewers. That's more like collaboration by artists.

 Her major artworks include "Phylogenetic Tree" which is open-end project, creating and missing happen in parallel and small pieces like cells are growing as one huge work. "Life Continuous" which is paper works as cell membrane, viewer can go in, destroy and connect them. We make unpredictable shape as artists and it keep changing.

 She's participate in artist in 13 residency programs include Swatch Art Peace Hotel(Shang-hai), ACCR - ODYSSEE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY PROGRAM 2018(France), Danish Art Workshops(Denmark), Hongti Art Center (South Korea) since 2016. The chair person of SORA project.


 主な作品は、細胞のような小さな作品が増殖と喪失をつづけ、一つの巨大作品として成長し続けるオープンエンドプロジェクト「系統樹/Phylogenetic Tree」。複数の細胞膜のような紙作品を鑑賞者が破壊、結合することで不確実な形状を生み出し続ける「集合生命/Life Continuous」など。

 2016年よりSwatch Art Peace Hotel(上海)、ACCR - ODYSSEE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY PROGRAM 2018(フランス)、Danish Art Workshops(デンマーク)、Hongti Art Center(韓国)など世界13か所のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラムに参加。世界各地を渡り歩いてきた経験をもとに、これまで考えてきた生命観を医療に結び付けた「社会治療」という概念を提唱。 ヨーゼフ・ボイスの「社会彫刻」を踏襲しながら、すべての人を社会という生命体を治療する医師に変え、社会から治療される患者にするという「社会とヒトとの関係」を構想。創作を通じて、人と社会の最適な関係性を模索している。


韓国の美術批評家Lee Seon-yeongによる評論文「自然から学ぶ共存の技」はこちら



Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Azabu University,Tokyo


 I'm seeking for the alternative way of treatment through art as a former veterinarian. I thought that creativity is the most effective treatment for us and made up experience-based works which cause a creative chain reaction.
 Dr.Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said that Death is the most suffering thing for human being and nobody can avoid. Since then, I started to redefine Life to think about Death.

 Cell is minimum unit of Life in biology. I redefine 2 types of Life. One is layer of Life like 37 trillion cells form one person, people form towns, towns form countries. Society is like one Life on this concept. Another concept is redefined by attachment of things. Everything has different level of Life on this concept.

 I advocate Social Treatment as medical treatment in the future.
 This concept follows Social Sculpture by Joseph Beuys.
Social Sculpture makes people artists.
Social Treatment makes people doctors.

 Medical technology is getting higher and higher but suicide rate is still high in Japan. I think we should focus on not only individuals but also society as life accumulations. That's Social Treatment.

 I hypothesize "Shape of the city" and "Language" is important to understand with society. Also, to move as treatment is key for Social Treatment.
 Paul Graham said in the book "Cities and Ambition", all city has own voice and residents were affected by the city. I think that "voice of the city" is "shape of the city". Concretism was formed in Sao Paulo where is regular town, Brazil. Neo-Concretism was formed in Rio de Janeiro where is organic town. That's a good example that art speaks for society or community.

 Society became object of the treatment. It means that self-amplification happens in the modern age.

 I realized that society and individual have already identified because of the Internet and technology. We can easily search others knowledge and experience on the Internet as if the knowledge is mine. We can share our memory and clear our thought with using application or digital devices. Past society is a group of people but current society is almost ourselves. We've already exchanged ourself and can't distinguish boundary with others without body.

 Some people use illustration for SNS icon as their profile. Some people enjoy avatar body to live in virtual reality. That's abandonment of physical body.

 Then, How can we achieve Social Treatment ?

 I think that social treatment is to switch relationships. Relationship of family, working or life style has been changed. Also, common sense has been changed. However, old relationship sometimes binds us to move. We need to be released to go to new world. Choosing and Moving to comfortable place to live is very important for Social Treatment. The life will be maximized value because they were replaced the most suitable place. It means that nobody is societal isolation because society needs each of us.

 Rid the world of loneliness through art. That's my quest as an artist.

 私は元獣医師としてこれまで、治療の代替になるアートを探求してきました。 創作こそが最大の癒しではないかと考え、体験を通じ、鑑賞者自身の創作を連鎖させ、変化しつづける作品を主に発表しています。

 エリザベスキューブラーロス博士の書籍や自身の体験から「死」が人間にとって大きな苦であることを学びました。 それ以降、死について考える上で、生命を改めて定義すべきと考え、細胞を生命の最小単位とする生物学の考えから、人を細胞と考え、社会を生命とするレイヤー構造としての生命観と、愛着という人によって度合いの違う生命観の2つの生命の在り方を定義しました。

 現在は、その生命観をより医療に結び付け、「社会治療」という概念を提唱しています。 これはヨーゼフ・ボイスの社会彫刻を踏襲する概念で、すべての人を社会という生命体を治療する医師に変え、社会から治療される患者とします。

 医療技術が向上しながら日本の自殺率は高いままという現状を踏まえると、ヒトによって構成される社会が病気になっていると見ることもできます。 個人に向かっていたこれまでの医療は、社会へも目を向ける必要があるのではないでしょうか。

 社会治療の伝達のために、私が今、注目しているのは「都市の形」と「言語」、治療としての「配置」です。 ポールグレアムは著作「都市と野心」で、都市には声があり、人間に影響を与えていると語っています。 ブラジルでは規則的な都市サンパウロでコンクリティスムが生まれ、よりオーガニックな都市リオデジャネイロでネオコンクリティスムが生まれています。 これは、アートが社会の声を代弁した好例だと考えています。







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