Ouma - Cell Artist -


晒される椅子 / Exposed Chair

h870×w560×d580mm(34.2×22.0×22.8inch) Wall paint on Chair, strings, pen on cardboard 2019

This is the work for redefine of Life. Since I was a child, I feel things are also living. When somebody kicked a chair or a desk, I hurt to see it. I felt like somebody kicked a little cat. In modern era, robots developed very well. Robots are things. Logically they are not living thing. However, there's some questionnaire on Twitter. It asked us if there's a robot who looks like human being, can you use violence on them or not. Most of people choose "can't". This is very interesting because we step on garbage and kill bugs without thinking but we don't like to use violence on things which look like human being. I think it’s time to expand concept of life. Ouma’s redefinition of life is "Attachment". Do you feel bad if you see a chair which is tortured?

LifeContinuous LifeContinuous LifeContinuous

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